Question 1. How long will this take to complete?

A 2500 sq ft home will take under 3 hours if furnished.  The larger the home (or space) the more time the filming takes.  Once filming is done, some adjustments are made back in the office, the 3D rendering is uploaded and a software process is completed.  You should have your 3D Walkthrough links and the 3D floorplan stills within 24 hours.

Question 3. What will I get?

You will receive multiple 3D stills of floorplans from different angles.  You will receive a link you may put anywhere to take the person who clicks on it to the 3D Walkthrough on the cloud.  You will receive another link which may be embedded in your website.

Question 4. How will this help sell a house?

When prospective buyers are searching Zillow, Trulia or whatever site they are utilizing your listing will get noticed due to the 3D Stills. When they click in the virtual tour they will literally be able to walk though the home from their computer or mobile device.  They will be immersed in your listing as they walk through rooms, looking up, down and around.

Question 5. How will this get me more clients?

Two ways.  You will have a fascinating tool to get their home looked at and experienced more closely.  Also, you will be able to show your clients that you can eliminate many of the showings from people who were never going to buy their home in the first place.  Sellers may have to work around baby’s naps, kids and dogs to get ready for a showing (not to mention getting the home looking it’s best).  You will be able to eliminate many of the showings from folks who were never going to buy the home in the first place.  Pictures do not show context.  Virtually walking through the home does.  The person who will not buy their home due to the layout (or anything else visual) will never inconvenience your seller with a showing.

Question 6. When will the links expire?

For real estate the links will expire in one year.  Should you wish to keep them up for marketing purposes or because they are on your website you may renew them for $20 per year.